Phylosophy of Sairme

Sairme Resort is located at the crossroads of East and West, buried in mountains aged more than the mankind itself. This is a rare place where time stops and hectic rhythm of the rest of the world no longer stifles the mind. Here, you write your own story, rid of suffocating traffic jams and engine roars. 

Sairme is a city where you start life from a clean slate and get a chance to reevaluate your aspirations. Doing exactly what you want and nothing more becomes perfectly feasible here. Humming of the giant mountains and river ripples play a soothing soundtrack to your new story.

We firmly believe that proximity with nature can actually make the world a better place. It does not matter where you come from—virtually anyone can find peace here. All that really matters is which way your inquisitive ship sails as the chilly wind blows from the mystic mountains. 
Sairme Wellness Resort is located in a mountanous subtropical zone, south of Kutaisi, 950 m above sea level, and belongs to the Baghdati municipality. It is actually the biggest resort in all of Europe and Caucasus. The greenery spreads over 60 hectares of land, with 6 different healing springs that can cure simultaneously 64 different diseases. Sairme Resort has been renowned for decades, even though infrastructural development to accommodate tourists was initiated in 2011.

The redevelopment project was completed in 2013. Construction of the Sairme Hotel that features 150 rooms and accommodates 390 people (and this is just half of the total potential capacity of Sairme) was also a part of the project. The landscape was also modernized to include convenient recreational, shopping and dining locations.

Rehabilitation center of the resort is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances supplied by a German company, Kraft. Virtually any type of rejuvenating procedures is possible here. The health center is available to guests 24/7—therapeutic, cardiology and urology services, a modern laboratory and ultrasound equipment are at your disposal here. 

Construction of mineral spring buvettes, dining center, café, bar and the market center, as well as the garden, the 28-kilometer-long Baghdati-Sairme highway, and renovated roads throughout the town were all part of the Sairme redevelopment project.