About Resort "Sairme"
18 Jan 2019
The resort Sairme is located in the mountainous zone of subtropical belt, resort administrationally  belongs to region of Baghdadi and  is located at 959 m from seal level.  It is the biggest resort  in Europe and South Caucasus. Green cover consists 60 hectares, and it is only resort where  4 different eutherapeutic and 1 thermo  springs are coming out and is possible to cure many diseases . 
After rehabilitation project of new resort Sairme, in the complex is represented 3 hotels, with 342 rooms, where is possible to place  almost 1000 person  at the same time. Also  modernized a landscape of Sairme: 
Also conducted  an important  works for recreation  and  arrangement  of objects..

Hotel Sairme unifies 152 rooms and is possible placement of 390 person. Matches to 4 stars standards. Comfortable, cozy and quit residing area is distinguished with special service. Hotel is in the central park, which is every day specially treated with caution . There are arranged paths, resting arbours and entertainment spaces.
Rooms of the hotel is created with modern design, neutral wooden colors, classical comfort and nature view from balcony. 


In the resort Sairme opened a new branded 4 stars hotel „Best Western Sairme Resort“-, The hotel fully corresponds to the modern trend of interior, unique location and infrastructure. The hotel spreaded at the wide area, sloughed in greenness , with comfortable rooms with balcony and breathtaking views promises to guests diverse holidays.

Lounge with opened terrace existed in the hotel, with cozy bar and fireplace, violin and royal melodies, will help in understanding better of environment.


“Thermal Spa and Wellness “ presented at the resort, is equipped with latest technique. Complex offers any kind of healthful procedure to for holidaymakers. 
In the Spa Centre is represented a closed pool, a salt room that is ideal for respiratory and lung cleansing, wet and dry sauna, also various rooms of treating and healthful procedures.
Should be marked, that all procedures in the Spa center is made with thermal waters. Also is represented an opened swimming pool, which is filled with  41 degrees thermal water, came out from the ground. 


Spa Center equipped with the latest and modern technology. Also offers a program such as: Slim Time (unique, high-tech slimming program). You can lose weight through the healthy programs .


We will tell you one magic story. According to the legend, water was found by the hunters run for pricket, the water was coming out to the  rusted stone and  everything around it was whitened with salt. In 3 km-s. shepherds founded an unusual thing. Only at the one place grass always remained green. Snow did not put, ground after water was absolutely dry  after  a few minutes. Secret of this magical place was hot thermal waters founded by geologists in the depth of the ground. Springs were studied in 19 centuries and after chemical analyze , was defined  unique and treatment abilities of each of them. 
Biuvet # 1 : Urine-peeling  Diseases  (chronic diseases of kidney, salted diathesis, also treatment for prophylactic purposes).
Biuvet# 2 : Gallbladder-peeling  diseases (Chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis Non-exacerbated form and treatment for prophylactic purposes).
Biuvet# 3 : Metabolic disorders (diabetes, salt diathesis, arthritis, osteochondrosis).
Biuvet # 4: Gastrointestinal diseases (ulcerative diseases, increased or decreased acidity, colitis ).


The shooting is equipped with British equipment for both lovers and professional shooters .

Zip Line - 800 meters Zip Line, which is in the resort park, from mountains comes down, and is the longest in Europe and South Caucasus. The city of ropes - the city of ropes, which is quite exterior and very fun. Outdoor pool (thermal mineral  waters) bar, entertainment stadiums, bicycle service, Quadra tours. 


For a culinary trip to the resort you will have  Georgian Restaurant "Terrace", Italian Restaurant and picnic cottage (near camp sporting) where for making dishes is used ecologically clean food products , bought from local farmers, from near villages ; You can taste a variety of cocktails in two lounge bars. 


Ideal addition for business guests.Prapere for new experience, run from routine in Sairme. Increase your productivity, quality of work, creativity and combine your work with your pleasure. Meetings, conferences, masterclasses, corporative events will be conducted according to your needs.